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Jolted Records is gearing up for new talent!! Bands with alot of self potential and some great song writing ability, Music is changing and has alot of spaces to fill and the rules are all changing with it. If you are looking for an Indi Label to sign on with have your stuff together and contact us for further ways to get more information on how and what to do. 2010 will be a good year for music as Jolted Records will release a full length record for the band "Winter Rose". Winter Rose will release a full 12 song CD entitles Four Worlds in early to mid February 2010 They are the first band to release a full length CD with Jolted Records. Check them out at www.winterroseonline.com or www.winterrose.org. Jolted Records will be hosting an on line party for the guys an links to buy their CD You want to get you copy soon as it is being released over seas first but you can buy it here as well so if you are interested please e-mail us and let us know. Winter Rose is a mix of Disturbed meets Saliva meets Nickel Back meets Motley Crue!!!! You need to check them out as they will be the new and up coming talent in 2010. With such songs as Four World, Say It To My Face, Life Of Mine, Winter Rose, Metals edge you won’t wanna miss this CD. Local out of Port Richey ....Florida.... look for their name in lights very, very soon!!!!! Get you copy of Four Worlds the long awaited Winter Rose CD today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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